Saturday, 23 April 2011

...and poems in the car

At the risk of signing up to a bloggers’ mutual admiration society, since there’s a nice reference to this one (i.e. mine) in Mitchell Reids in America, I nevertheless recommend it, not least because here there’s another way in which poetry can play a part in life, this time in a sociable and indeed a family context, which wasn’t at all Stéphane Hessel’s situation.

It’s apparently to be a short-lived blog since the Mitchells and Reids in question are only in America for another few weeks. While it’s very enjoyable about being there, I hope they continue on what it’s like to be back. As Mark says, having to write each day is good for us.

There’s a question left for me in there, too -- but I need more time to think about it.

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