Saturday, 10 January 2009

Walworth response

Awesome new email from Roy Boardman in Naples who really has the answers to some of the questions I posted -- he was a pupil under Arthur Harvey and really has the goods we're after. Unfortunately, his attempt to put his thoughts in the form of a blog comment went wrong, but fortunately he took the trouble to find my email, from the King's College London website.

So, the blog works beyond our dreams!

Seems what we need is a dedicated blog for our Walworth / Mina Road history research. We could post photos, documents etc as well as people's reminiscences. A job for the researcher we'll be employing, I think -- probably from April or May.

Meanwhile, anyone else with interesting memories, post a comment!


leni.newman said...

I graduated from mina rd 1960 - moved to usa 1970. I have saved all school reports - one exercise book and my blazer school badge. When i found this blog memories came flooding back - my last teacher was miss porchetta with that wonderful scottish accent - I think my first was judith wilde - from new zealand i think. My best friends were Doreen Westacott and Carol (cabbage)McAteer. My name then was Leni Taylor - I performed in many school plays and at the shakespear festival at Duthy Hall(have a newspaper clipping and picture fr 'taming of Shrew') I remember and crave the hot breadpudding from the bakers shop on corner and ofcourse the tuck shop across the rd. Does anyone recall the interview on tv with our headmaster re our 'experimental' school? Panarama i think. I visited the school on late 80's with my children - they were surprised by age of original bldgs and outside loos. The new bldg inbetween the two older bldgs was started in my last year - quite ugly and out of place! Miss Pearce was very sweet to me but did not like my 'mod' shoes - and the things we did to modify our uniforms - to be in keeping with current fashion - was a scream - now! - but we managed to get away with it!

Pete Medway said...

Leni, thanks for those vivid memories. Miss Porchetta is always spoken of with huge affection and respect. But we don't know who Miss Pearce was -- what did she teach or was she a head of year or whatever?
If you'd like to offer more recollections to the research, we invite you to contact us direct at -- we'll send you a list of questions!