Sunday, 4 January 2009


Damn. While attempting to publish the previous entry (Walworth / Mina Road) I got an error message to say that my Labels could not total more than 200 characters. I'd tried to add the names of teachers as Labels, in the hope that Google would be more likely to pick them up.

Not sure what to do about this. Weed my existing labels? switch to another blog provider? Any advice, please?


maggie said...

Hi so glad I found you I was at Mina Road from 1955-1960 my first form teacher was Mr Greely rfemeber him with affection he taught me that I could learn anything I wanted but it was best to learn something that would help in the future, and that I could do anything even if I didn't want to, this I remember when I do Ironing (I don't want to but I can and I will) Mr Sulkey also taught English Miss Pilbeam taught the 4 of Music theory she was great took us to lots of recitals ect all in all I fell lucky that I went to that school. Iused to be called Margaret Dunkley, didn't shine in any subject but since then have improved my education, lost touch with all school friends would love to reunite tho,

leni.newman said...

I was also at walworth around same time - my name was leni taylor - red ringlets and involved in drama - i played in Hopeful travellers and shakespear plays at Duthy Hall. I had Judith Wild and Miss Porchetta - cant remember many others - maybe mrs Glenister (sewing) and Mr Smith (typing and shorthand). I remember the sports class trips to crystal palace and those dreaded showers! My best friends were Carol McAteer and Doreen Westacot. I can also remember Betty Hill,Chrissy Huffam, and had mad crush on George nixon?rixon? Margaret, your last name rings a bell but I cant picture you. Where is everyone now - would love to know - my email is just in case anyone wants to contact and remember old times at Mina Rd.