Sunday, 5 May 2013

Walworth School: a contact requested

Apologies for doing nothing on this blog for a long time -- I've been too busy, with colleagues, writing the book of our research project on English teaching in three London schools, including Walworth/Mina Road, between 1945 and 1965. I hope to revive the blog when the book is out of the way, but meanwhile I'm bringing it temporarily back to life for the following appeal: In connection with our research we would like to contact Michael Gallagher: we need to ask his permission to quote from a poem he wrote that was published in the Walworth Magazine in 1963, when he was in 4H . (He'd previously been taught English by Mr Clements and was in the class that made the film, 'Two Bobs Worth of Trouble'.) If anyone can give us a clue how we might locate him, or anyone in that class, we'd be grateful: please email Pete Medway at


Darren Tame said...

Hi Pete, not sure this is the best way to contact you by i know no other. I have a book that you might be interested in. It is Charles Dickens Pickwick Papers and is an old school book from The Walworth Central School For Boys c.1937 I just googled the school name and came across your blog. Let me know if this is of any interest to you

Pete Medway said...

Hi Darren -- Thanks for getting in touch. Apart from the fact that our research project has ended and we don't have facilities for archiving books, I'm not sure what holding a copy of a commonly-used standard school text would offer to anyone interested -- apart from (I presume) the stamp saying 'The Walworth Central School For Boys' -- unless perhaps it has pupils' names in it or marginal comments. But it was good of you to think of us. The other way to contact me, if you would like to pursue this further -- or if you have other Central School material -- would be at Walworth Walworth Research Best, Pete