Monday, 26 December 2011

A lost follower of this blog

Sadly, I’m one faithful reader less since last week. Andrew Stibbs, my oldest friend, died on 22nd December. He not only read my blog, he responded, often putting me right. Scientist, English teacher, English PGCE tutor, poet, NATE activist, serious artist, lifelong correspondent. I hope I'm wrong in thinking they don’t make them like him any more.


nimrod said...

Hello Gubbins;I was,of course surprised and saddened to hear of Andrew's death; he was far too young. I shall always think of him as I knew him, a fellow he was of infinite jest capable of turning the most mundane of situations into uproarious hilarity with his ribald,even Rabelaisian comments (often at my expense!). It's not a bad way to be remembered. A very good artist and a perceptive art critic, I learnt alot from him. I do so wish I had kept in touch; now it's too late. Regards, Richard T

Pete Medway said...

Cheers, Dick. Your comments are dead right, and in tune with what was said at the celebration that followed his funeral on Friday. He was also a terrific writer. There was a slide show playing of his paintings: I was amazed at how much he'd done, though not at how accomplished they were. Pete (about 100 years since anyone called me the other thing!)