Monday, 10 October 2011

Country hikes from Walworth/Mina Road, 1950s

We’ve just had this from Pip Piper -- Mr L.B. Piper, a New Zealander, who was a supply teacher at Walworth in 1957-58, partly substituting for Andrew Salkey (English) who was in hospital with bronchial pneumonia.

Harold Rosen, he tells, used to organised Sunday hikes in the country for Walworth pupils. Adults went too. Shown here (click to enlarge) are, left to right, Harold Rosen, Alex McLeod (also NZ), Gillian Murray (wife of Mike Murray, biology, another New Zealander), Mrs Rosen (Connie) and Pat Darby (PE; married Pip Piper).

Anyone who went on these jaunts (via the ‘Ramblers Special’ train), do get in touch: Or add a comment here if you can work the system.

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