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See previous post: same idea, but this time the names belonged to class 3K in 1955-56:
Blackwell Jean
Cooper Pat
Dunn Florence
Durrant Jean
Embleton Vivien
Fleetwood Pat
Gager Vera
Hardey Betty
Hart Pat
Hedger Gwen
Hewett Yvonne
Monkton Doreen
Pawson June
Pearce Rita
Plumb Pat
Punt Jeanette
Sparkes Shirley
Townsend Lilian
Trivass Pamela
Waddell Patricia
Wiggett Susan
Ayerst John
Beaney William
Dinan John
Donnarumma Anthony
King Thomas
Russell Kenneth
Yarranton Robert

We’d like to hear from anyone on that list or anyone who was in that class. If you know anyone’s address or email and you think they wouldn’t mind your passing it on, can you please let us know?

We’re especially interested in the English teacher who took you in from January 1956, Mr Harold Rosen -- please let us know if you remember him, and most especially let us know if you’ve kept any work that you did for him.

We’d also like to know who taught you in years 1 and 2, and 4 and 5 (for those who stayed on).

The best way to get in touch is via an email to

Our website is

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