Saturday, 4 June 2011

KFC at last

How many years has KFC been around? that’s how many years I've kept away from it, assuming it to be unhealthy junk food, nasty and unappetising.

Drinking after an academic event in Bloomsbury, my two companions and I decided we were hungry. I knew and suggested some nice and inexpensive restaurants but the others had but one thought: KFC. Setting aside my misgivings I joined them and it was tasty and thoroughly nice, excellent in fact and just what the doctor ordered after my pints -- except that doubtless it really is as unhealthy as I thought. So now I eat my words, or long-time thoughts since I may never have voiced them, on top of my chicken fillet in a bread roll.

Pictured isn’t the one we went to (that was Tottenham Court Road) but my local in Surbiton, which too might now attract my custom once in a while.

What next? McDonalds?

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