Saturday, 5 March 2011

Slideshow forthcoming

My pics of Bradford (Manningham and Heaton) will be available ‘before long’ but I'm learning as I go and it’s a slow business. Where do I publish a set of photos that can be viewed as a slideshow? I tried Apple’s Mobile Me Gallery and iWeb because they were linked handily with iPhoto, but they seemed a bit quirky and minorityish and in any case I find I'm now using the software that came with my Nikon Coolpix for editing and organising.

So then to Flickr, but too complicated and a slideshow on it doesn’t display captions as far as I could see, and what I have in mind -- a tour of places and sights -- needs them. So I'm settling for Picasa: uploading to it is straightforward from the folders that the Nikon creates, and some of our family stuff is on there anyway.

So now I'm selecting and editing and captioning. But don’t raise your expectations: I'm no photographer, I wasn’t used to the camera and the weather was dull till right at the end.

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