Monday, 8 February 2010

Modern education 1947

From John Betjeman, ‘The Dear Old Village’, 1947

Behind rank elders, shadowing a pool,
And near the Church, behold the Village School,
Its gable rising out of ivy thick
Shows "Eighteen-Sixty" worked in coloured brick.
By nineteen-forty-seven, hurrah! hooray
This institution has outlived its day.
In the bad times of old feudality
The villagers were ruled by masters three-Squire,
parson, schoolmaster. Of these, the last
Knew best the village present and its past.
Now, I am glad to say, the man
is dead,
The children have a motor-bus instead,
in a town eleven miles away
We train them to be "Citizens of To-day."
And many a cultivated hour they pass
In a fine school with walls of vita-glass.
Civics, eurhythmics, economics, Marx,
Plastics, gymnastics-thus they learn to scorn
The old thateh'd
cottages where they were born.

So that would be one of they new secondary moderns.

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