Monday, 26 October 2009


26 October 2009
Out on the bike this morning (lovely day) I paused and drafted my manifesto. Here it is:

1 Restore income equality to 1950s levels

2 Prepare for the coming disasters (climate change plus oil shortage), ensuring the burden is equally shared

3 In public services, replace Benthamite ideology (blind rationality to the exclusion of value and ends: auditing, targeting and evaluating definables, ignoring vital indefinables) with Enlightenment values from Hume and Adam Smith (his emphasis on decent human relations as well as the currently emphasised economic theory)

4 Reform the civil service so it stops being a dead weight on all good developments. (Christ knows how you do this.)


Jen G said...

right on! what a good idea to write a manifesto...

Agent L said...

Hey Pete AND Jen G!
I was thinking of you both last weekend as I activated my own personal manifesto -- a free all-day arts/music festival called Spiritfest. Of course it wasn't just me, it was a co-creative act undertaken by a roomful of co-conspirators and agents provocateurs d'art. It was designed to be an Intentional Community For A Day to raise money for the York Region Food Network. We did it on a budget of well under $500. And you know, we delivered some very vital intangible deliverables!!!! It shored up my faith in human nature, and my belief that even tiny individual action can shake things up. Manifesto: Art for art's sake, and also art in the service of social justice -- damn the torpedoes, feed people's minds, bodies and souls.
(will be blogging about it soon, stay tuned!)