Sunday, 16 August 2009

Topographical universals

People must have written about this but I can't think of any examples, though Gaston Bachelard would be a likely person.

I'm aware that for me there are topographical universals, recurrent environmental or landscape conditions that have perennial phenomenological significance. They are recurrent themes that I feel I recognise in the specifics of particular locations and views. The most poetic incorporate hills.

One such universal would be approaching the top of a rise over which the roofs of houses can be seen. (That's the Breton flag.)

Another is entering a village:

-- in this case Plogoff, Brittany.

Another is leaving it (the same way):

The distant view is towards Audierne.

(Some pics that I thought iPhoto had irretrievably destroyed have turned up in another neck of my virtual woods - hence this posting.)

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