Sunday, 18 May 2008

Absence note

I know, I've been away from the blog for a while. Partly because of
granddaughter Lucy who has to be played with; also touring bathroom showrooms in search of a suite I can live with when the existing 1970 buckets and latrines are ripped out; but mainly because of the MacBook which, though I enjoy it, is unarguably high maintenance. After the new logic board (which was after the new hard drive a few months ago) I was advised to reinstall the software, first backing everything up. Then some of my own software didn’t work and had to be redownloaded, and I had to leave the machine at work for a day while they reinstalled all their licensed stuff (Office, EndNote, Adobe Pro, anti-virus). Meanwhile, hours of tweaking Word till it’s as I want it. I know it will be weeks before I've got fully back to normal.

Haven’t computers been around long enough to be a mature technology that, like cars, runs without our having to pay it any attention?

Meanwhile, if I had a servant, their job, apart from living for me, would be to keep the computer and its bits and connections running sweetly while I cooked and cleaned for them.

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Pandora said...

Lovely picture of your granddaughter!